Getting my Feet Wet

This seems to be a theme the past couple of weeks but not because of the weather.  I've been photographing a lot of on the water sports from what I thought to be the relatively dry shoreline.  However I was so concentrated on the looking through the viewfinder at the Bridges OC6 race that I failed to notice the wake from a passing boat which changed my dry shoreline into a submerged shoreline and washed my feet at the same time.  Still, I was satisfied with the results (the photos, not the wet feet) and I carried on shooting.

A couple of weeks later and I found myself knee deep in water again trying to get the best position as the row boats came up through Tilicum Narrows.

So to date, I have fallen down a waterfall, been drenched by rain, swamped by waves, dampened by wake, up to my neck in a pond and flooded two cameras.  Perhaps I should be looking for a bomb proof, waterproof camera.

Source: lumbermans trail101227_01.jpg