Slow Shutter at Ogden Point

It's been a while since I added anything to my website gallery ... too busy taking photos and not taking the time to edit and post and print (perhaps that's why half the frames in my house say 'Ikea').  And now I have a coffee table book to publish by November.

Well here is a start at least.  My new camera (Fuji X100) arrived a few weeks ago and I've been getting used to it's quirks and slowly beginning to understand how to get the most out of it.  I got a call from the camera store to say that my filters adapter had arrived, waheyy.

A friend had mentioned taking slow shutter speed photos during daylight, but trying to stop the shutter down to a 3min or even a 30 second exposure takes a lot of light fall off.  So I decided to try a polarising trick to block light from entering the camera:  Mount one polariser over another, then rotate one until the viewfinder starts going dark.

I reckoned Ogden Point and the breakwater would be a good place to test the theory.  The day was drawing towards twilight and I wanted to catch it while there was still light in the sky so grabbed my camera and tripod, rushed out the door and drove to the breakwater. But in my haste, I left my filters at home - Arrrghh.  Okay, not wanting to waste the opportunity, decided to see how slow I could get the camera just by using the apeture and it's own in-built ND filter.  The best I could get was around 18 seconds.   The results were okay for a first attempt but next time I'm going to check the camera bag before I rush out the door.

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