Lightening the Bank Balance

At the end of August I spent two days photographing the Victoria Dragon Boat Festival.  The second day I had the fortune to use a friends Nikon 70-200VR lens.  This is a professional lens and one of Nikons sharpest and fastest lenses on the market. It’s insanely sharp in focus and gives a creamy smooth bokeh to the background at f2.8.

However; the downside to using a lens like this is that once you’ve shot with it you are addicted to the quality it produces.  Although I was thankful for the opportunity I was also loath to return it.

This lens is not cheap and the contents of my penny jar would only cover the cost of the lens cap.  Dreaming is free but the images disappear when you wake up in the morning.  I wanted something more tangible than a memory.

So imagine my excitement when an ad appeared in an online second hand sales website “Used Victoria”.  I should point out here that the 70-200 is of such high quality that Nikon could only produce these lenses at a certain rate and demand was higher than production.  So finding one for sale second hand and locally too is akin to winning the lottery. Perhaps it was luck but I like to think that it was serendipity that I looked at Used Victoria on the very day that the ad was posted (I very rarely visit the Used Victoria website).  Well, the ad was genuine and the saving was several hundred dollars cheaper, even before adding the tax applied to a new lens.

So after a thorough inspection and a number of test shots, the deal was done and my bank balance is a little lighter and my camera bag a little heavier.