In stark contrast to the barren volcanic ash and lava lands of Hallmundarhraun runs this glacial river, Hvita.

It was getting late in the evening and I wanted to see Husafell, an area of multi hue hills from where a route south through a valley, Kaldidalur would take us to an overnight camping spot close to Reykjavik.  Unfortunately the road degenerated into a gravel track suitable only for 4 wheel drive and we could go no further than the junction where the road split north and south.  So, as we stopped to re-assess our route I got out the van to look around.  The landscape was desolate but beautiful and peaceful.  It was like standing at the edge of an adventure into untravelled lands.  Yet cutting through the harsh lava rock and ash was this river of glacial meltwater, the mineral blue a contrast to the dusty monochromatic rock.  As a few heavy clouds rolled over and rain drops threatened, I quickly set up the camera to capture Hvita's turbulent flow through the landscape.