The Print

I've been meaning to write this blog article for some time and printing some photographs the other day reminded me to share my thoughts on the subject.

Today, almost all photographs are taken in digital format, even those captured in traditional film are transferred to a series of 1's and 0's through scanning.  And that's just it, the 1's and 0's are invisible until we release them on social media galleries, websites or personal catalogues where they get viewed for a brief moment before being sent back, a non-physical element, to the dark recesses of a spinning disc.

Certainly our best work gets viewed time and again, but we have to actively undertake an action; go to a website, open up a catalogue, search through our hard drive to see the image.  A print is somewhat different, it has physical existence.  Even in our peripheral vision the print has presence and works on a subconscious level.

I have a series of prints hanging in my house which I walk past several times a day.  I do not study them each time I pass and do not even consciously  acknowledge them, but they are there and every once in a while I will stop and look.  These are my favourite photographs and the ones I want with me every day, not hidden or forgotten in cyberspace.