Medium Format

I've switched to medium format this month with two new camera acquisitions and both couldn't be much further apart in the photographic spectrum.

First is the Ikoflex by Carl Zeiss, a medium format twin lens reflex film camera made circa 1956.  This is completely old school with all manual controls, however I did find a light meter app for my iPod to help with the exposure settings. 


I'll mainly be using this camera for street work and have bought several rolls of black and white Ilford film to use.  With only 12 images per roll each shot is so precious I expect it will slow me down, waiting on the Henri Cartier Bresson moment before triggering the shutter. 

The second camera couldn't be much further from the Ikoflex and is the Nikon D800.  The largest (by pixel count) commercial digital SLR in the world today with image sizes large enough to display on roadside billboards. With the superb full frame FX CMOS sensor capable of taking images in near darkness, this will be my go to camera for concert and low light photography in addition to landscape work.

It's going to be busy times for the next few months, but I'm looking forward to the creative possibilities that each camera has to offer.